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A gorgeous set of four acacia wood coasters, laser engraved with 4 different Tolkien designs: Smaug; The Tree of Gondor with seven stars and crown of Elendil; the One Ring inscription, and the JRRT symbol.


These gorgeous coasters are made of acacia wood with a raised rim and measure ~10 cm in diameter.

Acacia wood is eco-friendly and has a very unique look, with a wide variety of colours and grains. Each coaster is truly unique and makes a striking impression.

The coasters are hand made in The Philippines, and Laser engraved in Sydney, Australia.


These coasters have a very natural, raw and rustic feel to them. They look like they would fit right in at Tom Bombadil's house!

Acacia wood coaster set - hand made - Tree, Ring, Smaug, JRRT

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