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Add value to your brand by creating custom laser cut and engraved items

Your company name and logo on custom designed and crafted items add value and prestige to your business. Create stunning branded items to gift to your customers, and personalise your business with custom phone covers, USB sticks, keychains and more. We can even engrave your logo onto your laptop!

Custom branding solutions showcase

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Seeing my company logo engraved on my phone every time I use it makes me feel proud of my company. It's great to have my business branded on the items I use every day - phone, keys - it makes a great conversation piece. Having professionally branded and unique swag to give to my customers and business associates makes their day.

Guy, Spokade


Saber Astronautics

Saber Astronautics create cutting edge software for the space industry, so it makes sense for the company to have cutting edge branding solutions. These crystal USB memory sticks were laser engraved with the Saber logo, making it light up in iridescent colours.


What materials can Eclipse9 laser cut and engrave?

Eclipse9's state of the art CO2 laser can process materials up to a size of 72 x 43 cm, including:

* Wood, cork, bamboo, MDF

* Acrylic

* Anodized aluminium

* Paper, cardboard, cardstock

* Leather

* Stone, marble, slate

* Fabric, denim

Due to health and safety concerns we cannot process any material containing vinyl or PVC as these release nasty chemicals.